What we do

Who we are

With over 30 years experience in the property industry we undertake all aspects of property restoration, renovation & redevelopment.

F8 Renovations Limited has a mission to rejuvenate existing brownfield and tired properties, working closely with local trades, professionals and suppliers, to produce sustainable, thoughtful and elegant new homes to meet local demand.

Uniquely designed properties often appear effortless, but to create homes that are considered and contemporary with an uncompromising attention to detail, requires dedication, drive and vision.

What we do

We build innovative and design-led developments on brownfield sites, blending both traditional and modern building methods.

Functioning as an integrated Property Development Business, using our expertise to provide new homes for the local Community, ensuring we can deliver consistently, exceptional homes and maximise the potential of every site.

Working closely with leading Architects to create thoughtful and elegant building designs, that are bespoke to each development.

Ethos & Sustainability

Our Environmental and Sustainability objectives are very important to us and we work with specially selected local businesses, where possible, to ensure local trades and services thrive in a Community environment.


Acquisition, Renovation and Restoration Projects

We recognise the importance of sustainability, consistently striving to use locally sourced materials where possible and monitoring the reduction of waste.  We recognise the importance of energy-efficient properties for performance and low carbon emissions, paying attention to the environment.


We are always looking for development opportunities across the region, either independently or in a partnership joint venture.

Skilled in resolving complex development challenges, we are focussed on acquiring brownfield sites and vacant existing properties. As a privately owned company we are able to operate with freedom and flexibility. All development opportunities are considered exciting, from a one bedroom flat to a large brownfield development.